3 Tips to Transforming Farms and Barns Into a Wedding Reception Venue

Figuring out where the wedding reception is going to be hosted is perhaps one of the biggest decisions that the soon-to-be married couple will have to make. Most couples usually splurge on expensive venues like banquet halls, hotels or country clubs, more historic and iconic venues like farms and barns are quickly making a comeback. These venues can look elegant and fancy if you put some elbow grease into cleaning and setting up the place. With the average wedding in Australia amounting to approximately $65,482, choosing a cheaper venue can really help to lower your wedding costs. Here are 3 tips that can help you transform a farm or a barn into a romantic place to say your vows.

Clean and Polish the Floorboards

Although the rustic look gives a sense of old-school sophistication, you want to avoid the dingy and dusty look. Make sure you choose a farm or barn that has been maintained relatively well in recent years. Before the wedding reception, hire a team to clean and polish the floorboards and even the the outside of the barn or the farm if possible. A pressure washer can easily strip years of aging off of the barn or farm and make it look relatively new again.

Add Some Elegant Touches

To give the venue a more romantic vibe, add some elegant touches by installing chandeliers, fancy lights and other decorations to the barn. You want to keep the decorations simple to maintain that rusty, elegant atmosphere that a farm or barn can offer. It's best to stick to the same style of decorations as well to get the best results possible. You don't want to go overboard or else it'll look more tacky than elegant.

Build Outdoor Firepits to Add an Element of Warmth

If you want to add another element of warmth and beauty to the wedding reception venue, consider hiring a team to build an outdoor firepit. Not only will the fire give the venue a warm glow, but it also doubles up as an attraction and focal point. It's best to have security nearby or to hire a team that will also incorporate safety measures to prevent accidents from happening. This is particularly important if you're going to allow children to attend your wedding reception.

A farm or a barn can make for a wonderful wedding reception venue. Best of all, it's relatively less expensive in comparison to some of the more elaborate options available. Speak to your wedding planner if you think that a barn or a farm might be suitable for you and your soon-to-be spouse. There are plenty of tricks that can be used to transform an old barn or farm into an elegant place for exchanging vows.