Home Hire Tips

Home hire is a hot trend in the hospitality and accommodation sector. Typically, you live in someone's home for a specified duration and cost. However, how do you choose a home to hire? Below are some valuable tips.

Determine Your Accommodation Needs

From the onset, you must be sure about your accommodation needs. For instance, do you have a preferred location? When visiting new places, check Google maps to establish whether the property is located close to essential services such as restaurants, banks and malls. Moreover, check whether the area is prone to traffic jams or crime.  

How many bedrooms do you need? Your preferred home should have sufficient sleeping quarters for all the guests. You must also assess the sleeping arrangements. For instance, you might need a cot when travelling with infants. Alternatively, you could need a large master bedroom if you are on your honeymoon. You should also examine the following; 

  • Does the home have a well-stocked kitchen? Remember, you might want some homemade meals during your vacation.
  • How safe is the house? The property should have modern security features such as CCTV and alarm systems. This way, you do not worry about burglary.
  • The house should have adequate parking and recreational amenities such as a swimming pool and terrace.
  • The property should have fire response devices such as extinguishers and fire alarms. 

Check The Rental Conditions 

Remember to ask your host about the rental conditions. For instance, will you have the entire property to yourself or share it with other guests? If you will find other guests on the property, ask your host about the house rules. For example, you should have access to the living room, kitchen and washrooms. Moreover, the host should restrict activities that affect your comfort. For instance, guests should not hold loud parties or engage in criminal behaviour like drug consumption. Inquire about the available services. For example, the host should offer housekeeping services and local tours. 

Examine Your Host 

Conduct due diligence to establish how your host treats guests. The golden rule is to make your booking from reputable sites. This way, you can quickly check your host's ratings and reviews. You should also compare the price points of various properties. This way, you have the advantage when negotiating the rental costs. For instance, you could pit one host against the other. Alternatively, you could ask for discounts if you will spend several days on the property. You could also ask for complimentary services such as free food or housekeeping.

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