Career Development Advice for the Hospitality and Catering Trade

Like retail workers and other people who are used to serving the public, staff in the hospitality and catering trades frequently have a number of highly transferable skills which means that their careers can go in many different directions. What can you do to further your career in hospitality if you feel as though you are currently stuck in something of a rut and going nowhere fast? Read on to learn ways you can keep working in the same or a similar industry while still giving yourself a challenge.

Rural Australia Versus Urban Australia

With many Australian towns only having a single pub, one shop and a motel — sometimes with a couple of them doubling up roles — the greatest problem for career advancement, if you work in this sector, is a lack of clear opportunities. This is not the case in Australian cities where there are a plethora of career options to choose from in catering. If you have worked in a hotel in rural Australia, then you are more than likely to be able to find work in a related sector — such as a restaurant or even corporate hospitality — in a city location.

Work For Yourself

If your boss has no career advancement options for you and you feel like you have reached the ceiling of your career in catering, then the only viable option may be to break out on your own. This can be exciting, especially if you have never run a small business before. Indeed, looking for a restaurant or pub for sale with catering business and hotel brokers can lead to some startling results. You may find that the amount you need to borrow to purchase a going concern is much less than you think and that working for yourself turns out to be the best way imaginable of developing your professional career in hospitality.

Consult a Career Development Professional

Although you may think you understand all the career options you have based on your salary expectations and work experience, the fact of the matter is that you may be ruling things out that you are truly suited to. Not all careers in hospitality and catering are linear and you may find some time in another sector hones your skills for a future return to hotel, pub and restaurant work. Professional career development consultants are experts at offering a range of advice which can help you to advance your career.