A checklist for the ideal family-oriented holiday park

When you are searching for the ideal holiday park for your upcoming family getaway, there are a number of things that should feature on your checklist. Here is what families should search for when examining holiday parks like Geographe Bay Holiday Park.

Child friendly attitude

Besides the actual amenities on offer, it's refreshing to feel when you reach at the reception that children are welcome. A number of parks boast of kids clubs, with colored wrist bands to signify you are part of the members' club. What's more, special offers for families that visit these family themed parks would interest a lot of families with kids, because considerable savings may be made.


A pool, either with or lacking a water pack, is fairly essential for families on vacation. In fact, most families ask about a pool when making reservations at holiday parks. So what's behind the popularity of pools among families? Well, the pools or water parks provide unending attraction for most families. First, families can take part in various water sports including swimming, boating as well as fishing. Secondly, children love to splash and play in pools without getting bored. Lastly, water provides a fascinating spectacle to view from your camp chair.


A park with a playground, particularly an adventure playground will keep the kids entertained for long. Jumping pillows appear to provide absolute joy for all ages. In fact, any activity that keeps the kids away from the automated toys, and promotes interaction with new friends would appear as a good thing. For example, a good family-friendly park allows the use of bikes and scooters on the park road. Preferably, the cost of using sporting amenities should be covered in the site payments in family-friendly parks.


In present times, several barbecue huts littered across the park appears to be the in thing. Barbecued delicacies are easy and quick to prepare in volume and taste absolutely great even when prepared by somewhat inexperienced cooks. Children prefer to have an outdoor barbecue with grownups, creating happy memories that may lead to life satisfaction.


Holiday parks featuring ensuite-type unisex facilities are increasingly popular among families. It is common knowledge that hygiene is important. Family park managers are aware that standard amenities require routine 'touch up cleans'. The reason why families prefer ensuite parks is because the convenience offsets the increased cost. In fact, a number of family oriented parks now provide washing machines and dryers in supposed super ensuite parks, which is good news for families with small kids.